My name is Libby. 

I’m out of college, workin’ in a real job, and living visit to visit with my long distance relationship.

I love puns (good and bad). I love running, yoga, tennis, skiing, and being outside. I like science (human, animal, neuro). I love cooking and eating, but mostly eating (especially marionberry cobbler, risotto, and creme brulee). I like to read, write, and I especially like to sleep.

I know that description makes me sound like a nerdy blob who never gets out of bed. That is only partially true (mostly on Sundays), and so I am challenging myself to take more risks, to make more opportunities, and to relax a little.

That’s where this blog comes in – as a place where we can celebrate nerdiness, taking chances, the humor in making mistakes, and the beautiful things that make life amazing.