I’ve noticed a trend in my weekly weaknesses: food. Am I embarrassed that I reward myself and celebrate with tasty items? No. Not at all.

Today I introduce you to my recent weakness, which despite having no chocolate or heavy cream, has captured my heart. No joke, I ran three miles to get it from Dragonfly Coffee House after it first caught my eye.


Beautiful blissful granola. It has a hint of cinnamon while still looking like it has enough oats/nuts/hearty items to be healthy. Eaten with a few raspberries sprinkled in? Mmm.

You know how people “reclaim” insulting words and then the words lose their meaning? Well, when I almost had to move to San Diego in high school, I imagined that “granola-eater” would be slung at me by all the posh Californians, and I would be a total outcast based solely on my status as an Oregonian (you know the whole granola-eating tree-hugging Birkenstock-wearing idea). Now I feel like I have been able to reclaim “granola-eater” because damn right, I am eating it, and I could eat it forever. Take that, hypothetical high school bullies.

Honestly, knowing that I will be having this for breakfast helps me leap out of bed in the morning, full of unbridled energy for the day ahead. That may be an exaggeration; take it with a grain of salt (the grain being that I love sleep and my bed is very comfortable). Even if my emergence from my bed is actually more zombie-like, at least I’m up and at ’em, right?

Hope you all had a great week! And if you don’t have any granola to put some pep in yo’ step, here’s a happy song.