I’ve been cruising on the high of completing my big goal for March (writing 50,000 words), but despite my best efforts to spend my time solely drinking chai and relaxing in bed, things just keep happening.

I got a new job.

Next week I will be in Europe.


Both of these are blowing my mind.

First of all, I wasn’t even looking for a new job, but it was offered to me out of the blue. So crazy!

To prevent me from going off on a long-winded description, here is what I’ll be doing in 30 words: assistant data manager for lab doing ADHD research; will be cleaning up/checking the quality of data sets and preparing them for analysis and presentation. Also, testing kids and babies.

I’m pretty excited to take this on. It’s going to be a lot of computer work, as well as a steep learning curve, but I imagine that it will be right up my alley in terms of its analytical and organizational nature. Hopefully that proves to be true in reality. It was hard to tell my old boss that I was taking the job; it felt like a break up. Is that normal? Navigating the adult world of jobs/money can be weird sometimes. I’ll be sad to leave my job here, but I also feel like it’s a good time and I’m READY.

Minor break to admire these pretty flowers – who knew daffodils came in this color?


Secondly, I’m going to Europe for a month. I know this isn’t exactly trailblazing, since I am the only one of my friends not to study or travel abroad during college, but let me have my moment, okay? After graduation, when 90% of my girl friends moved far away (New York, France, Spain, Uganda, Australia), I started to feel a little bit antsy and restless in Portland. To top it off, my cousin and my parents both had long trips to Europe. I swear, I saw pictures of the Eiffel Tower from five separate parties in one day.

So, I planned a tour of all the people I know who are stationed over there, and all of a sudden the trip is almost here! I will be hopping from Portugal to Spain to France (and Italy?) to Berlin to Amsterdam and seeing family and a bunch of friends who were much braver and proactive than I was in finding exciting post-college opportunities. I will be taking advantage of their independence and using them as tour guides. Any suggestions on must-dos are welcome!

I’m afraid of flying, bleh. But my cousin has promised me some melatonin to make me snooze the whole long flight over. Hallelujah.