NaNoWriMo: I’m on Day 26. I can’t believe that means that there are five days (thank goodness we didn’t do this in February) left to reach 50,000 words. I’m currently at 40,060 words — ahh! That’s an ahh simultaneously expressing excitement that I have written so much as well as apprehension about the final 10,000 words still to write in the next five days.

A few quick revelations for you from this stage of my journey:

1) I miss reading. I’m sure many NaNoWriMo champs out there are able to do both, but I have been very disciplined about using my reading time for writing time. I have only read FIVE pages of a novel this month, and it’s weird, and I don’t like it. This has led to some overzealous drooling at book reviews on Goodreads and the Powell’s website, as well as a shopping splurge when I found a Barnes and Noble gift card from my birthday. On April 1st, I will probably be starting eight books at once to compensate for this dry spell.

2) My best writing trick is to type while looking out the window. Somehow this tricks my brain into thinking that my body is doing all of the work, and the words just come flowin’ out. Cool. Plus I get to see the scenery.

3) All the classical music I’ve been listening to makes me want to go to the symphony. I used to play a lot of classical music on the piano, and this genre has been revived for me in the last few weeks. Now I want more. I’m going to check out the symphony’s upcoming shows and then while I listen, I will close my eyes blissfully. And, better yet, I won’t be writing frantically. If you want to get yourself on a classical kick, check out this playlist. Then, dance around like you are a six-year-old doing ballet. It is awesome. I may be going a little stir crazy.