I’ve missed out on a lot of beauty tips that are pretty common knowledge for the general population. My parents were very much against any sort of “conformation” to the public ideal of beauty (aka I had to beg for instruction on how to shave my legs and how to wear mascara). They always said I was just fine exactly how I was and that I didn’t need to change, which is sweet, but horribly wrong because I really needed to shave my legs.

The first time I even thought about my eyebrows was when we had makeovers at a salon for a friend’s birthday when I was 14. The makeup artist called me out on my untamed brows, and then I realized that perhaps my hands-off approach was maybe not working for me.

Without any older siblings to imitate, I’ve kind of been on my own in forging my way. So, I am a bit of a late bloomer. Case in point: this week, I discovered what an eyelash curler does.

I mean, I knew the idea behind it for awhile. But this week, I actually tried one and was amazed to see that it did something. My eyeballs were more visible; I just looked more awake. So I decided to get one.

It may be that thinking that I looked any different was a placebo effect, but hey, it’s fine with me if $3.99 can make me go from feeling like this squinty baby doll:


to something like this:

big ol eyes

I’m afraid that this won’t be the first time I demonstrate how utterly behind I am in the world of beautification. Feel free to take pity on me and throw some tidbits of knowledge my way.

Also, here’s me with my lashes twirled (Grease reference, anyone?) so that you don’t confuse me with either of those pictures above.

hello eyeballs