It’s been a bit of an uphill battle these last few days – nothing too dramatic, but enough to feel like I’m playing the role of the klutzy neighbor on a sitcom. For example, I spilled tea down the front of my white shirt on the day of an interview, and at the starting line for the 8K that I did on Sunday, I was kicked in the face with a beach ball. Not like, oops, it bobbled up and bounced off my forehead, but a direct beam that smacked me full on the face. That happened in front of the crowd, who all tried to stifle laughs while acting sympathetic. Yup, I was feeling good.

So, I’m trying to look at the big picture. I figured it was a great time to distract myself from the here and now by sharing some of my long-term goals.

I think that having your goals spelled out is important, and having a deadline for them is equally so. Age 25 is a good solid number for a deadline, right? Here is my bucket list with a timeline – 25 goals to reach by age 25.

  1. Write a novel (in progress due to NaNoWriMo)
  2. Live in another city besides Portland
  3. Sing karaoke…in public…by myself
  4. Go to Europe by myself (happening in April 2013, holla)
  5. Write a plan to start a Children’s Book Bank in another city
  6. Climb a mountain
  7. Improve my lettering skills
  8. Live in the same city as my hottie boyfriend (hey babe!)
  9. Perform at a Mortified event
  10. Own a dog or cat
  11. Go on an out-of-state road trip (completed: October 2010)
  12. Learn a language and use it (in progress – if I’m being optimistic about where my Portuguese class is going to take me)
  13. Go naked in the ocean
  14. Make a nostalgic power hour video mix
  15. Read a book/drink tea on a fire escape
  16. Hike in the Grand Canyon
  17. Make a successful creme brulee
  18. Memorize a sonata on the piano
  19. Own a statement necklace (check) and wear it with confidence (working on it)
  20. Run a sub 2 hour half marathon
  21. Be in a wedding (July 2014!)
  22. Pay off at least 1 student loan
  23. Take a massage therapy course
  24. Traverse the entire Wildwood Trail in Forest Park
  25. Be able to put my heels down in downward dog

I just realized that I am already 23.25 years old, so I better get my butt (and non-flexible hamstrings) into gear on these goals. If there’s any experts on these topics out there, please help guide me.

Also, can I just say how happy I am to see flowers again? The Oregon spring weather is, as usual, incredibly unpredictable, but I can handle alternating between being stuck inside and soaking up the sun if there are jars of these beautiful things everywhere.

flowers in jars