This week, I rewarded myself with the most delicious creation. No joke. Doubt it? I dare you to try it yourself and have a different verdict.

To set the scene, let me say that it’s such an awesome feeling to see bananas turn brown. I personally like my bananas on the unripe side of the spectrum, so I know that if they are brown the only thing to do is make banana bread. After a little research, I came across this recipe from Sweet and Crumby and knew that it had to be done.

Nutella + banana bread? Damn. I knew it would be good, but I had no idea how delicious it would be to have the moist banana bread coupled with a swirl of melty chocolate-y taste. Man, just writing this is making me want to go get a slice from the kitchen.

nutella banana bread

Needless to say, it turned out fantastic! My cooking compadre and I each made a loaf (we knew that sharing would be tough), and I have been rationing it out over this week. Enjoying a slice is a thrilling and special way to end an evening or start a morning.

The other big plus is that there were no kitchen appliance malfunctions during this project. I’ve been having trouble with microwaves lately (in the last few weeks, I have melted a measuring cup, exploded butter, and literally charred my edamame – after 30 seconds!) so this was a relief. Yes, I am fully aware that microwaves are user-friendly.