I’m on the brink of Week 3 in my novel writing attempt (backstory can be found here). The good news is that I’m still in it to win it.

Defying all odds, I’m almost all caught up to where I should be at this point! I’m currently at 22,200 words (which I find insane), but that makes sense because the month is almost halfway done (also insane). I’ve gotten better in my fight against procrastination and have accepted that each day I am going to sit down and write for a few short sessions. And you know what? I find it satisfying. Here are some recent revelations:

1) I like writing on public transportation. I have found that the best way to squeeze writing into my day is to do it on the bus and train on my daily commute. Somehow the motion of the bus and the activity of the people and the city makes me feel productive and efficient. It’s also fun to see the people sitting next to me try to slyly read what is on my screen. Unfortunately, this always happens when I have just written something that I don’t want anyone to ever see because it is incredibly melodramatic and/or angsty.

2) Writing 1,660 words a day is hard on the ol’ balancing actI have been trying my best to fit in work, writing, exercise, household maintenance, cleanliness, and a social life into my waking hours. Not surprisingly, a few things have fallen to the wayside. In some ways (my cooking ambitions, housecleaning, and writing), I am more productive, but in others (exercising and returning phone calls), I have been bad. This is especially unfortunate because a) I am running an 8K race this weekend and have not been training and b) I am in a long distance relationship that functions on phone calls. So maybe it is time to trade fancy risotto dinners for phone calls and just resign myself to pb&js and grilled cheese for the rest of the month.

Also, it’s spring.