Getting dressed today, I realized that the inner stripey side of my shirt was way cooler than the humdrum gray of the outside. Why do stores do that?! I understand having cute hidden details that make you feel special, but that should only be allowed if the outside is also cute and not boring. I checked to make sure it wasn’t actually a reversible shirt, but there is absolutely a tag sewn onto the back, so I’m assuming that reversibility wasn’t the intention but…

Why not?

And voila, I’m wearing my shirt inside out today. I have a blazer on, and it covers up the tag on the back. I’m weirdly excited about this. No one knows that I’m making a fashion faux pas!

inside out

It is such a little thing, but regardless it is giving me a small thrill to know something no one else knows and also to break the rules, a tiny tiny bit.

After getting to work, I discovered a tag that I didn’t previously notice – you know the one that is on the side seam that has the washing instructions? I am bad with washing things, so I didn’t want to cut off the tag and lose the instructions. So, I’m rockin’ dat tag, too.

Hope you can also find a way to rebel today.