I’m a strong advocate for making goals, and I am a big believer in having rewards for reaching them. I think a little bit of indulgent encouragement is quite a good thing.

That is where the idea of Weekly Weaknesses came from – I know weaknesses are often seen negatively, like a flaw that needs to be fixed. NOT HERE. A weakness – defined as “strong fondness” or “enthusiasm and high regard” – is something special that you indulge in because you deserve it. Each week I will be documenting one thing that I have been swooning over and appreciating – the thing that helped me get through laundry or my commute or the other tedious parts of my day. It’s the little things, right? I think focusing on these little joys will help me to celebrate days that maybe had more downs than ups.

Please feel free to share your own weekly weaknesses! I’d love to hear how you are rewarding yourself and keeping life spicy.

So, cutting to the chase: this week, I’m housesitting, and the owner of the house encouraged me to try out her juicer. She dared me not to get addicted.

One my friends came over to try it out. We picked out a few recipes and then excitedly got to work. Despite its tendency to send out projectile pomegranate seeds (or maybe that was the fault of the operators), a juicer really is a miracle machine. It magically extracts the seeds and pulp from the fruit you put in, leaving you with pure fruit nectar.

Our first juice was made with blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, pomegranate seeds, and a lime. It was INCREDIBLE. The juice was smooth, slightly syrupy, and sweet with a little tartness. We were blown away.

Emboldened, we tried using beets, carrots, and oranges. The juice was a gorgeous color, and we know that it would taste delicious…if not for a rookie mistake.

fellow juice explorer + beet juice

I’m sure professional juicers out there will laugh and shake their heads in pity, but we forgot to wash the beets. Oh, yes. Consequently, our beautiful rich juice tasted like dirt. If anyone has any juicing mishap stories, please share so that I feel less alone in my failure of common sense.

But, don’t worry! I didn’t let the dirt incident put me off juicing. Today I whipped up a delicious blend of blueberries, blackberries, grapefruit, and kiwi AND made extra so that I could have some to send me off to work on Monday. That will help make me a little more cheerful about saying adieu to the weekend.