Happy birthday, baby blog. Welcome to this world.

To all of you observing this miraculous sight (honestly, it’s probably a small crowd – but hey, this should be a private moment after all), wouldn’t you agree that it is an auspicious and marvelous day for a blog’s birthday?

To make matters more wondrous, I have christened the baby blog “No Big Diggity.” A big name to grow into, I know. But I hope that the playfulness, ridiculousness, and spirit in that name will infuse into every cell of its being.

Because of the name, no one will be able to take baby No Big Diggity seriously. That is, believe it or not, my goal.

Every time I say or read the three words in the title, I will be reminded that it’s fine to lighten up and sound a little foolish sometimes (no offense baby blog, but your name is a little bit silly. Sorry). I will also be reminded to adjust my perspective on what is a big deal and what is not.

Alright, it sounds like I’m getting a little bit emotional and deep. Time to go.

But – I welcome you as well to this celebration of bad jokes, good jokes (hopefully), optimism, nerdiness, thriftiness, exploration, risk-taking, and opportunity-making.